Pavlov Focus Manager



Welcome to Pavlov !

Pavlov is a simple, focus, self-discipline-reward todo-list manager.

It was conceived to help you keep focus on one aspect at a time of your life, would it be:


  • work
  • personal stuff
  • grocery
  • ...



    Quickstart (because manuals are #Boring)

    Minimum you should know:


  • your #tasks are #classifiable using #hashtags of your own that you type within your task Name, Description or Tags (except the reserved #hashtags)
  • you add rewards for completing a task in the form of 100 points and a massage *more below
  • your main page (when logged in) has One focus-tag (or foctags) which is used to retrieve your current tasklist
  • you can easily navigate through different focus-tags you define (set your focus, and use + or - )
  • you can share any list, that is any of your tasks as grouped with an #hashtag in read, read/write or write only


    How rewards works

    The reward field will get parsed using "and" as delimiter, looking for:


  • points (and)
  • "something" (and)
  • ("something else") ...


    Some example:


  • 10 points
  • 20 points and a glass of wine
  • a massage


    The reserved #hashtags are:


  • #repeat (with #daily, #weekly, #monthly) will mark a task for repeat once it has been Done at the repeat frequency
  • #rewards indicates the task was created as a result of completing a reward